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‘In vitro, animal and human studies suggest there is unexplored potential for the application of microcurrents to a variety of musculoskeletal disorders’  (L.Poltawski, T.Watson 2009)

All cellular and intercellular communication is regulated chemically and electrically. This biological communication process is essential to the maintenance of most physiological processes and activity in the body. Injury,  excessive exercise, stress and chronic pain can alter this electro chemical balance, causing an oxidative effect at a cellular level. Applying a specific biocurrent stimulates the production of ATP, and can improve oxygen levels in the body.

The EPRT BodiHealth unit is a registered medical device which improves cellular regeneration through the application of microcurrent to the body. EPRT is easy to use, and effective as a complimentary or independent therapy for practicing health professionals.


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ET Wellness is the EPRT distributor for health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.