About Us


Francine St George is a renowned Sports Scientist and Physiotherapist. She has worked with elite athletes and the general public, and has lectured nationally and internationally, speaking on health and fitness, and sharing her innovative treatment techniques with other health professionals. She now offers a Wellness Program using EPRT at the Physio Posture Fitness Clinic in Sydney, Australia.


Francine was introduced to EPRT early in 2012. Ever the sceptic, she tried it out, but expected little. Instead, she found herself feeling revitalised and booked herself in for further sessions to understand the technology more. Francine studied how to use this technology effectively, and realised there was a great need for EPRT, both within her clinic, and in the wider community. She began using EPRT as a Wellness Program for clients and staff, and it has become a very popular therapy within the clinic.

Passionate about sharing this knowledge and making EPRT technology more widely available, ET Wellness was formed to allow easier rentals, sales and implementation systems for health professionals.

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