Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if EPRT is suitable for my clinic and my clients?

EPRT is beneficial for a range of conditions, including for symptoms of stress. The technology is easy to use and will therefore work in many different clinics and practices. If you are considering offering EPRT as a therapy, we suggest that you try renting a unit for four weeks, to see how it suits your business and how it benefits your clients.

If you are in Sydney, you can also come in for an EPRT Wellness Session at the Physio Posture Fitness Clinic in Randwick. You can talk to our staff and practitioners about their experiences – and understand EPRT both from a practitioner’s and a client’s perspective.

How can it be implemented?

ET Wellness provides a blueprint for implementing EPRT into your clinic, whether you are interested in EPRT as an adjunct to other treatments or as an additional revenue source for your clinic. This implementation system ensures the benefits are felt by both staff and clients from the outset. We also offer a downloadable EPRT Implementation Booklet to help you and your staff get started.

What about practitioner training?

The BodiHealth EPRT unit is simple to use, and formal training isn’t required. The unit will be delivered (whether for rental or purchase) with an Instruction Manual that includes the science behind the technology, usage protocols, and troubleshooting. The ET Wellness team are also available for phone and email support if you have any specific queries.

I am not a health professional; can I use the EPRT BodiHealth unit?

While the EPRT BodiHealth unit is available to the general public, this is a Registered Medical Device, and we recommend that you come into our Randwick Clinic if you are in Sydney, to ensure that EPRT is suitable for your condition. If you live interstate and would like to know who you can see locally, please contact us.

I travel quite often; can I take the BodiHealth unit with me?

Yes, ET Wellness offers a secure hard case, which protects the unit and allows it to be portable. The BodiHealth unit runs on a rechargeable battery, and therefore can be used just about anywhere.

The BodiHarmoni small portable unit can even be used during a flight, to increase circulation and decrease jetlag and discomfort.