BodiCharger (BChg) Portable EPRT Device

$1,094.50 $995.00 ex-GST

Product Description

The BodiCharger Sports Enhancer is a portable device suitable for athletes to improve athletic performance and recovery from training sessions. The device utilizes Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT). This patented process produces a waveform, which moves electrons through the body at a frequency and current output lower than any device presently on the market, from nanoAmperes down to atoAmperes. The device can easily be used throughout the day – even when working and sleeping.


Your purchase of a BodiCharger Sports Enhancer includes:

1 x Carry Bag

1 x BHi/BChg Wrap Set – (Small) 12”/31cm

1 x BHi/BChg Wrap Set – (Medium) 14”/36cm

2 x BHi/BChg Electrode Cables – 48” (Standard)

1 x Warranty Card (2 years from date of purchase)

1 x BodiCharger Instruction Manual

If you prefer large or x-large wraps, please let us know via email after checkout, and we will ensure that these come with your product instead of small/medium.