BodiHarmoni (BHi) Energy Enhancer – Portable EPRT Device

$1,094.50 $995.00 ex-GST

Product Description

The BodiHarmoni Energy Enhancer is suitable for your clients to use at home. The device utilizes Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT). This patented process produces a waveform, which moves electrons through the body at a frequency and current output lower than any device presently on the market. The BodiHarmoni Energy Enhancer delivers currents ranging from nanoAmperes down to atoAmperes. It is an excellent device to use to assist in stress reduction and can also improve the quality of one’s sleep. If you have been sick or run down and need a boost to your immune system the Bodiharmoni may assist in your recovery as it works at a cellular level.


Your purchase of a BodiHarmoni Energy Enhancer includes:

1 x Carry Bag

1 x BHi/BChg Wrap Set – (Small) 12”/31cm

1 x BHi/BChg Wrap Set – (Medium) 14”/36cm

2 x BHi/BChg Electrode Cables – 48” (Standard)

1 x Warranty Card (2 years from date of purchase)

1 x BodiHarmoni Instruction Manual

If you prefer large or x-large wraps, please let us know via email after checkout, and we will ensure that these come with your product instead of small/medium.