EPRT* Technology

Bodihealth unit

The BodiHealth Unit

Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT) is administered using a Registered Medical device called the BodiHealth unit. Ultra low energy current moves through your body via comfortable wraps, which can be placed near an injury, or on your feet or ankles for a whole body treatment. This low electrical current is the same as in all your normal bodily processes, and therefore the current passes directly through each of the cells in your body – permitting them to function more effectively. This cellular stimulation promotes cell regeneration and therefore healing occurs at this cellular level. The result will be different for each person who uses EPRT – it depends on your body’s needs. You may experience less pain, a faster recovery from injury or surgery, if you have a skin condition it may improve – there are many studies available for different conditions. Many people who use EPRT also experience greater mental clarity and an overall feeling of improved health and vitality.



Using EPRT in a Clinical Setting

The ideal set up for EPRT is to have a calm space, with a reclining chair for the client, and the BodiHealth EPRT unit placed on a stable surface. Other considerations are appropriate lighting and music, as some of the added benefits of EPRT are relaxation and stress relief.

Portable EPRT units

The BodiHarmoni unit is a portable, non-medical device which utilises the same EPRT Technology, using a lower current than the BodiHealth unit. The BodiHarmoni can be used in between sessions using the BodiHealth unit, or as a stand alone therapy. It is also used for sports recovery, improved sports performance, as a sleep aid and for stress relief. Please visit www.bodiharmoni.com for more information.