Using the BodiHealth EPRT Unit

EPRT is easy to use, and the unit comes with full instructions. If you are in Sydney, we recommend you come into our Randwick Clinic to see how simple the unit is to set up and use.

The following EPRT Implementation Booklet is also available to you and your staff, so they can become familiar with EPRT and how it will work in your clinic. You are welcome to use the examples provided to create templates for your own clinic.

Download your copy of the EPRT Implementation Booklet here.

If you or your staff are interested in further information, you can also attend an  EPRT & Wellness Workshop

In these workshops, Francine provides an overview of the science of EPRT, and introduces you to the BodiHealth unit. She also covers how to implement EPRT into your business, either as an independent therapy, or as an adjunct to your current treatments. Find out more…